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Testing Terminology

Within the world of software testing, there has always been a wide variety of terms, acronyms, meanings and definitions. Unfortunately many have been ambiguous and often difficult to understand. For this reason many organisations have produced glossaries to define their phrases related to software testing which are shared amongst the project teams.

To have a software testing glossary for each project is better than nothing, but when teams move around or different companies work together, a universal standard glossary would be more effective.

A universal standard would mean that all organisations, world-wide would have a single source of reference to base descriptions of software testing concepts upon and thus avoid much of the ambiguities experienced otherwise.

Listed below are some of the efforts made by various bodies to provide an industry standard reference for software testing terminology.

by Herb Williams



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(Oct 7, 2013) devang malvi p said:
fully details white-box and black-box testing

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