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The Test Execution Stage

The test execution stage consists of:
* Setting up the test environment as detailed in the test case specification
* Selecting and running relevant tests from the test case spec
* Recording test results
* Recording and managing defects

* Final Reporting of the test execution phase

During the execution phase, test case results and any defects will need to be recorded in order to track and manage the test progress until all planned tests are completed or the final acceptance milestone has been reached. This information is often stored via a test management tool such as QualityCenter or an Excel spreadsheet such as the Test Execution Dashboard below may be used.

After all planned tests are completed a test report should be compiled. The report provides any important information uncovered by the tests accomplished, including assessments of the quality of the testing effort, the quality of the software system under test, and statistics derived from defect reports. The report also records what testing was done and how long it took, in order to improve any future test planning. This final document is used to indicate whether the software system under test is fit for purpose according to whether or not it has met acceptance criteria defined by project stakeholders.


Test execution dashboard

by Herb Williams



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