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Testing Metrics

This article provides a basic definition and overview of Software Testing Metrics. It will also advise you on how testing metrics can be used to boost the effectiveness of software development project planning, test planning and test execution activities.

What are Testing Metrics?

A definition of software testing metrics - measurements of frequency, quantity or the duration of software testing based events occurring within an observed window of time.

Types of Testing Metrics

The main types of software testing metrics are

Why Use Testing Metrics?

Software testing metrics, when used intelligently can provide vital information for the improvement of many aspects of software development projects. The main aspects are : Testing Processes, Software Development Processes, Project Planning and overall Software Solution Quality. Getting these elements right is key to the success of any organisation involved with software development.

Further detail on the usefulness to a project of information acquired through the analysis of software testing metrics follows below.

Use Software Testing Metrics Carefully

Testing metrics as described above can be really useful. On the flip-side, metrics do have some potential pitfalls and therefore must be used with caution. Here are some pointers on using metrics carefully.

To Conclude

Software Testing Metrics should be an important part of your testing strategy as much valuable information is locked away in measures that are often untapped. It is important however to ensure that if metrics are being collected, that they are actually being utilised to improve upon the way things were being done beforehand.

If metrics are being recorded and are not being used then perhaps the wrong metrics are being collected. If this is the case then a review is necessary to determine which metrics, if any are of interest and of use to whom and to what end.

by Herb Williams



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