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Black Box Test was created in 2009 by London based, software testing guru Herb Williams. The site was built to provide information to IT professionals about black box testing and other fundamental software testing concepts.

Herb started his career as a testing professional in 1997 after graduating from Birmingham City University, UK, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing and Information Systems. Working with a number of major blue chip firms including BP Amoco, News International, Nokia and Tesco, Herb has steadily developed his expertise in the field of software testing whilst designing the testing strategies, frameworks and methodologies for these firms. He has progressed from tester, to test lead, to test manager to senior test manager. Herb has over 100 projects under his belt and has travelled the world to work on projects based all over Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and The Americas. Black Box Test is formed on the foundations of his broad and varied experience.

"I'm big on efficiency" says Herb. "My goal is to prioritise risk areas, cut out the unnecessary, and focus upon what's important to the customer. Documents, scripts and tools should be reusable, code should be testable and every single artefact in an IT project portfolio should be traceable to a client need..." "If it cannot be traced then it's probably a waste!" he states.

Black Box Test contains clear overviews of what software testing requires to make it efficient and thorough enough to ensure that software deliveries meet demands of quality and timeliness. The site also features a software testing news feed and software testing job listings. If you feel like socialising, then post your views relating to software testing in the Discussion section.

I hope you find this site informative and useful. Please leave feedback in the discussion area to let us know what you think.

by Herb Williams



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(Oct 7, 2013) devang malvi p said:
fully details white-box and black-box testing

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